Portfolio Checklist

Faculty Development Portfolio
Hannah Sweet

Portfolio Checklist


  • Seneca’s Teaching Standards of Practice

    • This section provides space for reflections on teaching practices and examples that illustrate how each teaching standard is met. Where possible, these examples are specific to the faculty member’s profession/expertise. The Core Literacies website provides resources that may inform the context, as well as the gaps for identifiying the areas of development.
  • Course Assessment Surveys
    • This section of the portfolio contains student feedback summaries.
  • Classroom Observations by the Chair
    • The faculty member and the Chair engage in pre- and post-observation meetings.
      • Pre-observation meeting – the date/time/class is arranged, and the faculty and Chair review the classroom observation guide together.
      • Class observations – The Chair uses the classroom observation guide to note his/her observations.
      • Post-observation meeting
  • Peer Feedback (if applicable)
    • Peer feedback is included, if applicable.
  • Faculty Reflections
    • This section includes reflections on each of the above components:

      • Teaching Standards of Practice
      • Student Feedback summaries
      • Classroom Observations by the Chair
      • Peer Feedback, if applicable
    • The faculty and Chair discuss, and work collaboratively on, a professional development plan.
  • Appendices
    • Course outlines & addendums
    • Assignments and/or assessments
    • List of completed workshops
    • Applicable professional designations
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Certificate of Completion of the Faculty Development Program (for full-time probationary faculty)

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