oral communication

Oral Communication

Definition: Participate verbally in discussions and conversations, exchange thoughts and information, make clear presentations, and interact with a variety of audiences. Benchmark for Achievement The graduate identifies key messages, ideas and thoughts in a consistent and organized manner and selects

quantative literacy

Quantitative Literacy

Definition: Select and use the required mathematical/analytical concepts and operations necessary for problem-solving, decision-making, economic productivity and real world applications. Benchmark for Achievement The graduate completes calculations that solve the present problem and provides explanations of information presented in mathematical

information literacy

Information Literacy

Definition: The ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, organize and effectively and responsibly use and share information to inform and solve problems. Benchmark for Achievement The graduate accesses information

creative thinking

Creative Thinking

Definition: To explore ideas, generate possibilities, and seek out and/or develop other alternate responses rather than opting for one immediate or “correct” answer. Benchmark for Achievement The graduate recognizes existing connections among ideas or solutions, and creates a new idea


Ethical Reasoning, Personal and Social Responsibility

Definition: Ethical reasoning involves respecting other individuals and their rights, and making informed choices that benefit other individuals, society as a whole, and the environment, in a manner that requires the individual to be aware of and process the principles

critical thinking

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Definition: Critical thinking is the exploration and examination of issues, ideas, artefacts and events before accepting or forming an opinion and/or reaching a conclusion. Problem solving is the process of designing, evaluating and implementing a strategy to answer a question


Digital Literacy

Definition: The ability to locate, use, summarize, evaluate, create, and communicate information while using digital technologies and mobile platforms; and to engage safely and responsibly and ethically in online communities and networks. Benchmark for Achievement The graduate uses a range

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Intercultural Knowledge and Global Perspective

Definition: Intercultural Knowledge is the knowledge, attitudes and skills that support effective and appropriate interaction in a variety of cultural contexts in order to adapt to and build relationships. Global perspective is the exploration of global issues and challenges from