Overview & Outcomes

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Seneca uses the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) branded as My.Seneca. Blackboard and My.Seneca are synonymous.

There are many benefits to both students and faculty in using an LMS, such as having course content, assignments, interactions, grades, etc. available 24/7 and organized in one spot; and having a set of rich features available for collaboration, alternative assessment, and new pedagogical approaches.

Seneca has instituted a My.Seneca Minimum Requirements Policy. It states that employees will complete the following for each course section on My.Seneca:

  • Post the approved course outline and accessible versions of the addendum and/or proposed schedule and weighted evaluation breakdown
  • Set up the Grade Centre to reflect the weighted evaluation breakdown and make grades available to students
  • Post their contact information, including preferred method of communication
  • Make the course available to students in My.Seneca
  • Use the announcement tool to post a welcome announcement and ongoing course updates
  • Review with students their My.Seneca course, its contents and the expectations for student-use.

The above should be completed by the first day of the course where applicable.


By the end of this module, participants will be able to

  1. Explain the value of using the My.Seneca learning management system as a way of supporting student learning;
  2. Set up courses on the My.Seneca learning management system to comply with the My.Seneca minimum requirements.