Getting Started with My.Seneca

The use of My.Seneca is a requirement for all of the courses at the college.

At a minimum this involves:

  • Making each course section available to students in My.Seneca;
  • Posting the course outline, addendum, schedule, and assignments;
  • Posting a welcome announcement for students;
  • Making grades available to students via the Grade Center;
  • Posting faculty contact information.

Here are the links to help you get started with My.Seneca:

1. Log in to My.Seneca at This video will help you get oriented with Blackboard.
Make your course available to students.

2. Post your course outline and addendum using these steps to create content in a course area.
To add your course outline to Blackboard, you first need to locate your course outline. Go to and enter your course code or title at the top, then select your school. Once you have your Course Outline, copy the URL and go back to Blackboard. Under course information, follow these steps to add an external link.

3. Create an announcement in your course to welcome your students.

4. Take a look at the information on how to use and set-up the Grade Centre.

5. Post your contact information.
Click on “Faculty Information” in the course menu. Click “Create Contact” and add your contact information so that the students know how to reach you.

To determine if your class meets the criteria for an online presence, use this simple checklist.

Need help? Contact the service desk at OR at 416-491-5050 ext. 22129.

Links from Blackboard:

Links for My.Seneca:

Additional links that may be helpful: