The Teaching & Learning Centre offers access to expertise in teaching methods, active learning strategies, course design, learning technologies and multiple ways of assessing learning to enrich the student learning and faculty teaching experience at Seneca. We champion a cross-disciplinary, experiential approach to learning.

Working in partnership with academic schools, departments and faculty we offer a wide range of professional development activities, resources and services to facilitate the achievement of the goals of our Strategic Plan.

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The Teaching & Learning Centre Annual Report


Our Team

The Teaching & Learning Team

Amy Lin – Director, the Teaching & Learning Centre (ext. 26440)

Ivy Chiu Loke – Director, Program Quality (ext. 22397)

Holly Cybulski – Professor (ext. 33353)

Linda Facchini – Professor, Faculty Development (ext. 26051)

Tony Fu – Technical Specialist (ext. 22888)

Anh Lam – Project Manager, eLearning Specialist (ext. 22771)

Elisheva Lightstone – Professor (ext. 55205)

Todd Malarczuk – Professor

Arushi Manners – Professor

Sherri Parkins – Learning Strategist (ext. 26137)

Jennifer Peters – Faculty Librarian (ext. 22070)

Kevin Pitts – Professor (ext. 22351)

Ashley Ribbel – Strategic Projects Assistant (ext. 26414)

Karen Spiers – Manager (ext. 24111)

Alex Stewart – Project Manager, eLearning Specialist (ext. 22245)

Hannah Sweet – Professor (ext. 33477)

Alex Venis – Professor


Visit us in Room A2508 at Newnham Campus.

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