Faculty PD

Faculty professional development through Teaching & Learning is offered in the form of workshops, PD days, one-on-on consultations, and the Faculty Development Program (FDP).

PD Days are full-day events offered in Fall and Winter study weeks and in between the winter and summer semesters. Each day has a specific focus, and includes sessions led by faculty and guests.  Watch SeneNews and our PD Days page for announcements.  Interesting in presenting?  Most PD days include sessions led by Seneca faculty, and requests for proposals are sent out 6-8 weeks before each event.

The Faculty Development Program (FDP) is a three course program.  Each course is 12 weeks long, and full attendance is mandatory for completion.  Courses include the Foundations of Teaching and Learning (FTL), Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), and Inclusive Teaching and Scholarly Practice (ITSP).  The FDP is mandatory for new full-time faculty.  Part-time faculty will be admitted when space is available.

The Faculty Portfolio is a professional development framework for faculty members. The framework supports collaboration between faculty and Chairs, contributing to Seneca’s commitment to great teaching.

Click on the calendar link to see current workshop, PD day and course offerings.

Registration for workshops, PD days, and Faculty Development Program courses is via MyPD.

For more information, or to request a workshop or a 1-1 consultation, please email teaching@senecacollege.ca