The range of teaching and learning technologies is huge and the possibilities can seem endless. Using technology can be as a simple as posting readings to My.Seneca, creating a PowerPoint or sharing a YouTube video – or as complex as a virtual reality simulation.


my.SenecaMy.Seneca is Seneca’s branded version of Blackboard, our learning management system. To learn more about getting started using My.Seneca, view the My.Seneca: The Basics webinar, facilitated by the Teaching & Learning Centre. This webinar recording will walk you through the process of setting up your My.Seneca course for online teaching.

Does your course meet the My.Seneca minimum requirements? Visit our My.Seneca information page to see the minimum requirements and use our checklist to make sure you have met the minimum requirements when setting up your course(s).

On ITS’s My.Seneca Help site, you’ll find instructions for using the tools and features available within your course site(s).

The Teaching & Learning Centre has developed the following online modules to support your use of My.Seneca. Use the links below and work your way through these modules:

Educational Technology Tools

Seneca’s Educational Technology Advisory Committee has developed an Educational Technology Tool Finder. This tool finder will guide you through popular tools used by Seneca faculty and students for increasing engagement and collaboration in their teaching and learning, and strengthening digital literacies. You will find brief descriptions, examples in practice and login information if applicable.

Educational Technology Initiatives at Seneca

The Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC) is a standing committee of Seneca’s Academic (College) Council. It provides regular reports and receives feedback from the Council on matters pertaining to the use of technology to enhance student learning, Seneca’s digital strategy and mobile learning plan. The work of the committee is grounded in Seneca’s strategic goals and direction, and is aimed at supporting the college’s digital strategy and enhancing teaching and learning at the college.

Whether you want to learn more about tools in My.Seneca, classroom technology, Office 365, or other technology services at Seneca, Seneca’s technology training plan will direct you to the appropriate department to contact for support.

The Creative Spaces is a teaching and learning opportunity with the Adobe Creative Cloud. We are interested in learning more about the impact of the use of Adobe Creative Cloud applications. This initiative will bring faculty together to collaborate and explore new technologies and investigate how it enhances teaching and learning. We will support the learning of the new applications, help you use them effectively in your classroom, and our team will gather the evidence from faculty and students to measure impact of these applications.

The Faculty Playground is equipped with current technologies for faculty to explore and create activities and lessons to use in their own classrooms.