Getting Started with My.Seneca

The use of My.Seneca is a requirement for all of the courses at the college, as explained in the My.Seneca Minimum Requirements policy.

At a minimum this involves:

  • Posting the approved course outline and accessible versions of the addendum and/or proposed schedule, and weighted evaluation breakdown;
  • Setting up the Grade Centre to reflect the weighted evaluation breakdown and making grades available to students;
  • Posting faculty contact information, including preferred method of communication;
  • Making each course section available to students in My.Seneca;
  • Using the announcement tool to post a welcome announcement for students and on-going course updates;
  • Reviewing the My.Seneca course, its content, and the expectations for student-use with your students.

Use this simple checklist to make sure you have met the minimum requirements when setting up your course(s).

Here are the links to help you get started with My.Seneca:

1. Log in to My.Seneca at This video will help you get oriented with My.Seneca.

2.Take a look at the information on how to use and set-up the Grade Centre.

3. Post your course outline and addendum using these steps to create content in a course area.
To add your course outline to My.Seneca, you first need to locate your course outline. Go to and enter your course code or title at the top, then select your school. Once you have your Course Outline, copy the URL and go back to Blackboard. Under course information, follow these steps to add an external link.

4. Post your contact information.
Click on “Faculty Information” in the course menu. Click “Create Contact” and add your contact information so that the students know how to reach you.

5. Make your course available to students.

6. Create an announcement in your course to welcome your students.

7. On the first day of the course, walk through the course in My.Seneca with your students. Review its contents and how you expect students to use it.

Need help? Contact the service desk at OR at 416-491-5050 ext. 22129.

Check out the following self-paced online modules:

  • My.Seneca Essentials – use this module to help you set up your My.Seneca course(s) to meet with the My.Seneca minimum requirements. You’ll also learn the value of using My.Seneca as a way of supporting student learning.
  • My.Seneca Grade Centre – use this module to help you set up your Grade Centre to display all individual assessments and corresponding grades to students in your course and calculate their final grades.
  • My.Seneca SafeAssign Tool – use this module to help you set up the SafeAssign tool in your My.Seneca course(s).
  • My.Seneca Groups Tool – use this module to help you set up online groups to engage students in collaborative learning and use the MySeneca Groups tool to manage student group work online.

Links from Blackboard:

Links for My.Seneca:

Additional links that may be helpful:

  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly – Use your My.Seneca username and password to log in – find lessons and tutorials