Micro-credentials at Seneca

A micro-credential is a recognition of learning awarded for the achievement of a small set of specific competencies. Micro-credentials are issued by academic institutions, corporations, and other training organizations in the form of digital badges.

A digital badge is a visual emblem that accompanies a micro-credential. Metadata embedded within the badge identifies the issuing institution and details the competencies and evidence required to earn the badge.


Micro-credentials for Students

Seneca is proud to be starting down this alternative way of acknowledging what students have learned. We have developed Seneca Mosaics: Micro-credentials for Students, a system of delivering micro-credentials and of allowing the earner to claim the micro-credential as a recognition of skill acquisition.


Micro-credentials for Faculty

As part of Seneca’s Digital Learning Strategy, the Teaching & Learning Centre is pleased to offer micro-credentials to all Seneca faculty in support of professional development accomplishments.

Micro-credentials can be earned for completion of Teaching & Learning Centre courses, online modules, conferences, and workshops. The list of current Micro-credentials for Faculty is available.