Course Design

The key to course design at Seneca is meeting your course’s learning outcomes within the 14 week semester. Each semester is 7 weeks, a study break, 6 weeks, and a week for final exams. Essentially, you have 13 weeks to ensure that the learning outcomes are taught, practiced and assessed.

As you plan your course think about what you will “teach”, the opportunities that students will have to “practice” what they learn and the ways that learning will be “assessed” to ensure that the course’s learning outcomes are achieved.

Steps in Course Design

  1. Locate and review program outcomes
  2. Complete a curriculum map
  3. Write SMART course learning outcomes
  4. Design assessments that will be used to measure the course learning outcomes
  5. Break outcomes into topics and create a course map
  6. Select resources and draft lesson plans

In addition to the course learning outcomes all courses are designed to ensure that the address the Essential Employability Skills and Seneca’s Core Literacies.

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Course Outlines
To find a course outline go to Seneca Course Outline System and enter your course code.


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